Coxo Spaziale #336: La statua di Mary Wollstonecraft a Newington Green e poche altre cose

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La 336^ puntata di Coxo Spaziale vede Chiara e Stefano tornare live in studio a parlare della statua di Mary Wollstonecraft a Newington Green, che ha creato non poche polemiche a Londra e a New York, ascoltare Berise e i Bankey Moon, e sperare in tempi migliori.


Losers (feat. Riz MC & Envy) – Flush
Berise - Take Me As I Am
Bankey Moon - Wonderlights
Karen O & Willie Nelson - Under Pressure
Elefant – Now that I miss her

L'articolo di Yasmin Nair sulla statua di Mary Wollstonecraft e arte pubblica/pubica

L'articolo di Jerry Saltz sulla statua
Il libro sulla matematica di Lorella Carminali
Dior e Gus Van Sant
"Take Me As I Am" is the debut album of Berise, the founder and frontman of the Italian Reggae band Shanti Powa. The album has been produced together with Scottish Producer Escape Roots. Both artists met in February 2020 in the northern Italian mountains and wrote all the songs together, than the vocals have been recorded in Glasgow, Scotland. 6 Songs is the result. The lyrics in the song are very personal, each song with its specific topic and style. The genres go from Reggae to Dancehall to Trap. The album has been mastered by Guido Craveiro, who is the sound engineer of Seeed and Gentleman.
While the digital release contains 6 songs, the Vinyl will contain 5 more Remixes by Numa Crew, Vandal, Pitch Madattack, Escape Roots and Nesuno. The Vinyl will be out beginning of December 2020.